Special Sales & Premiums

Special Sales are made up of the following channels of distribution: Specialty Retail, Mail Order (Direct Response), Specialty Wholesale, Educational Wholesale, Display Marketers, Premium & Corporate Sales, and Custom Publishing/Proprietary.

A premium is a book or audio that is used for promotional purposes. Premiums are often sold to corporations. Premiums are used as corporate gifts, promotional giveaways, gift-with-purchases, or as a purchase-with-purchase.

Many major book publishers have a Special Sales Department for their front list and backlist titles. Rarely are self-published authors equipped for selling their books in these markets. In the event you have been published by a traditional publisher and can obtain a reversion of special sales and/or premium rights, these rights and books can be promoted and sold in these non-traditional marketplaces. We can license or sell your books in these markets.

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